Don’t mess with the Ref

Hello again, it’s been a while. Things got side tracked in various ways, and I haven’t been around to update this bit, but I’ve been busy (sometimes very) with various commissions and other projects. So, finally, I have got round to doing a bit more in terms of updating, first with a piece I did more than a month ago!


This piece was commissioned more than a month ago as a Christmas gift for someone. The theme (as I’m sure you can guess) is that of a football referee. The word ref is coloured to match a ref’s uniform, and the piece is decorated with their tools, being a whistle and a flag. Coming from the UK, I was unfamiliar with these aspects of refereeing in American football, so it was interesting to incorporate them into a lettering piece, particularly the flag, which was a pleasure to design, and which functions as the full-stop (or period) for the sentence. Here’s a close up of the illustration:


Unfortunately. the piece has been shipped, and is halfway across the world, so I don’t have a chance to take any more pictures or scans of a better quality, but I guess that’s how it goes.

I have a few other pieces to upload and blog about, one of which I have already posted on my logos page, which should also be getting a few new submissions soon enough!

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