Out of my MIND

Here’s a little piece I did for a competition over at the lettering subreddit. I found out about the competition 3 days before it was to be closed, so I had to work quickly! Fortunately, Thing A Day set me in good stead to do so.  I don’t really know where the idea came from. I was trying to think of things to submit for the competition, but couldn’t come up with anything, so I had taken a break and was messing around with ambigrams of the word “moon”, seeing as I could see it out of the window. Somehow, in the sketches, I saw how the M could form the curve of the D, and the phrase sprang to mind (or out of it).

Out of my MIND

This time, however, it needed to be vectored. Not too great a task, but it didn’t help with the time constraint. This one is also an ambigram, if you hadn’t noticed, meaning it’s the same both ways up. I had a little fun with vectoring it, playing around with the colours, etc. but I think that it’s best viewed in plain old black and white. I’m sure there’s something to be said here about the relationship between colour and form, but I’ll leave it to the better informed. In other news, I’ve recently been learning some HTML and CSS, so with any luck, I’ll be able to get my head around making a new website, which will be exciting!

Another blog post will be up in a day or two about a very big project that I’ve just finished, which ate up a large amount of my time. Hopefully after that, I will have more of a consistent output in terms of numbers of pieces and blog posts. (Dare I say Thing A Day?)

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