Thing a Day (Day 1)

So in the spirit of productivity, I’m going to try something one of my favourite musicians and comedians, Jonathan Coulton did. He set himself a challenge to produce 52 things in a year, at a rate of one a week. By things he did not mean full songs, though he did come out with some. He didn’t limit himself to making anything fantastic or polished. He just set himself to making a “thing”. Whether that “thing” was an epic story song or a piece of experimental music depended on what inspiration he managed to find in that week.

My challenge to myself will be shorter, spanning just one week (starting today). Each day I will either plan out a large design (see You will never wait longer for what I mean by large,) ink a large design, or plan and ink a small design.

Well, you say, today is the first day of the challenge, so where is the result? My answer to that is that I’m inking a large design that I planned out yesterday. Here’s my proof!


As you can tell, my poor old camera doesn’t live up to modern standards, and I certainly need to get a different bulb for my desk lamp (look at those lines it throws!) but the design is well on its way to being completed. My deadline is midnight tonight, so I have another 4 hours to whip it into shape. The finished article will be uploaded by tomorrow, or I’ll have broken my own promise on the first day! And that won’t do.

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